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Technician Training

TTEN Accelerated Training Program (off-site training)

Employee attends off-site after-hours accelerated training program at Dunwoody College of Technology. The classe are held during the week in the evenings. The program duration is approximately 16 weeks. Transportation cost of the training program and tuition are paid for by the dealership. This is an extensive program and the investment from the employee and the company is very high. The Accelerated Program requires technicians to complete ASE testing and certification upon completion. Technician certification is earned upon successful completion of the training program and the passing of 2 ASE tests. The level of certification that is achieved by this program typically takes 2 years to complete but with this accelerated program certification can be accomplished in just a few months. Selection for participation in this program is at the discretion of the Service Manager. This program has limited availability and is only offered 1 or 2 times annually.


Rochester Motor Cars "Career Track" Training Program

Career Track is a training program designed to create an opportunity for Express Service Technicians to develop a growth plan to get them to the next level of their career. The Career Track program creates accountability to each individual who wants to become the best in their current position while training to become a main line technician. The following steps are required for consideration in the Career Track program:

1. Complete all required OEM training modules required for Maintenance Technician Certification

    Current modules as of 12/26/2013 (modules will be periodically changed, added or deleted

2. Current employment status must be non-prohationary

3. Employee performance must warrant advancement


ASE Testing: Upon completion of OEM training modules trainee will be required to complete ASE testing and certification prior to advancement. Successful completion of ASE tests are paid for by the company.

Technician trainee will work directly with a training technician for the first 30-90 days of transition.The training technician will provide periodic reports on trainee's progress. After 30-90 days an appraisal will be provided and a decision will be made on the status of the trainee. Possible outcomes of the trainee appraisal:

1. Transfer to full line technician with transition to flat-rate compensation

2. Extension of training period with transition to flat-rate compensation

3. Return to Express maintenance for additional training


Technician progression is as follows:

Level 1 = Maintenance technician

Level 2 = Certified Technician

Level 3 = Expert Level Certified Technician

Level 4 = Master Level Certified Technician

Level 5 = Master Diagnostic Technician


There are 4 main areas of training:

  • Engine
  • Electrical
  • Chassis
  • Drivetrain

There is currently one specialized area of training: Hybrid



 Sales Consultant Training

Available soon!

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